Monday June 24th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Black Edition

Far from funereal, an all-black palette offers sleek sophistication.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Monochrome Monday: The Black Edition

Dearest readers,

This Monochrome Monday, we’re throwing shade with an all-black palette.

Seasons may come and go, but one hue remains constant – black. Far from funereal, an all-black palette exudes sleek sophistication and serves as a canvas for artistic expression. Within the monochromatic world of onyx and ebony, outfits assume a theatrical allure.

Whether it's a plunging gown or a sharply tailored suit, they capture attention, their surfaces gleaming as if lit from within. Black also sparks imagination, offering endless possibilities through textures, intricate detailing, and unexpected silhouettes. Whether understated or dramatic, monochromatic black ensembles evoke intrigue wherever they venture, especially on their journeys into the mysterious realm of ‘After Dark’. This week's curation is a dedicated exploration of all things dark.



Finding a balance between boldness and femininity, Honayda’s SS' 23 Chequered Twill Blazer - embroidered with delicate lace and glowing beads - exudes an air of strength and sophistication.

Sarah’s Bag

The Copacabana Bag

Perfect for those pool days in September when the weather is just right, Sarah’s Bag’s Copacabana is a delicate crochet creation.


The Mini Studded in Black

Needing no introduction, Okhtein’s Mini Studded in Black is the perfect complement to an all-black ensemble.

Meera Adnan

Golden Hour Blazer Dress

Fit for royalty, Meera Adnan’s Golden Hour Blazer Dress just whispers luxury and class, and is sure to set camera shutters going.


Al-Dlam Bag

Weaving the Kingdom’s past into contemporary pieces, Saudi-Arabian label Qormuz’ Al-Dilam bag is inspired by Pigeon houses found throughout the kingdom.


The Midnight Crystal Dress

Inspired by the timeless allure of the moon, Altalune’s Midnight Crystal Dress shimmers under the night sky, turning heads at every corner.


Kiara Blazer

Sleek and chic with a dash of the rebellious, Mioj’s Kiara Blazer works for both boardroom meetings and late-night soirees.

Moaaz El Behairy

The Last Man Standing Collection

Industrial, future-facing, crisp and clean tailoring is the calling card of Moaaz El Behairy. Showcased sleekly and imposingly in its campaign film, the designs subtly disrupt menswear conventions whilst honouring the grace and elegance of the traditional suit.

Ahmad Abdullatif

Caméléonne Look 1

Featuring  knitted body raglan sleeves with cutout stitch detailing and pleated taffeta cargo pants, Lebanese designer Ahmad Abdullatif’s Caméléonne Look 1 champions diversity with a touch of sassiness.

Nora Habbal

Saria 105

Inlaid with Swarovski crystals, Nora Habbal’s Saria 105 in Black stomp with style and grace.


The Dome Form Earrings

Turkish label Terzihan’s Dome Form Earrings are as timeless as the cultures they pay homage to.


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