Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Ghost White Edition

In the words of a certain drag queen, “Why it gotta be white?”

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Monochrome Monday: The Ghost White Edition

Dearest readers,

This Monochrome Monday, we're toasting to white.

Forget stuffy, outdated visions of purity and innocence. White has always seized its moment in modern fashion as a revolutionary force, a blank canvas upon which to sketch the avant-garde. On the runways, white is edgy, crisp, and undeniably fresh. Designers are reimagining power dressing through commanding white blazers and suits, while stylists embrace a minimalist aesthetic with sculptural white dresses that pay homage to classical statuary.

White is a palette for modern sculpture.

It embodies the contemporary ambiance: streamlined yet impactful. Its self-restraint conceals boundless potential. An all-white palette conveys confidence and enables pieces to radiate in their simplicity. White beckons for experimentation, akin to a blank page eager to be filled.

So this Monochrome Monday, we celebrate white… and white parties. This week’s curation is an homage to endless possibilities, and the sweet, comforting notion of fresh starts, from Shatha Essa’s White Sand ensemble to Nadine Merabi’s beach-perfect VICKY top.

Shatha Essa

White Sand Dress

Airy and open, Shatha Essa’s White Sand is carefully crocheted; at once casual and calm with its breezy silhouette, and exuding a certain regal aura with its long cape.


Ivory Set

Adorned with forks and spoons, Rigash’s Ivory set ensures you have a day (or night) spent serving and eating, in more ways than one.

Katrine Hanna

Bad Banksia Strappy Heels

Simply stunning and minimalistically fashioned after Australian flora, Katrine Hanna’s Bad Banksia feels like walking on clouds.Nadine Merabi


Bringing a touch of tropical paradise to your summer, Nadine Merabi’s satiny VICKY top paints pictures of hay-stacked cabanas and late night beach parties.

Lama Jouni

Cream Long Sleeve Dress

Ever so simply sexy, Lama Jouni’s cut-outs are ones that we will always be in love with.



That pant-affair quickly turning into a shorts occasion? Heksa has you covered.  Heksa’s customise-able pant-shorts embody casual-chic, comfort, and versatility.QASIMI

AW’23 Collection

An angelic vision in white, Qasimi’s AW’23 look just floats like a cloud that dances with the wind.


Lily Corset

Complete with a statement sheer midsection, Anippe’s Lily corset is just what to wear when you need all the attention at a party (and don’t we always?).


Diamond Drop Necklace

Drawing from the beauty of nature, Egyptian luxury jewellery label Ferozah’s signature Diamond Drop Necklace finds the perfect balance between subtlety and sophistication.


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