Monday June 24th, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Navy Blue Edition

The hue of midnight, this week’s curation is just as calm and subdued.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Monochrome Monday: The Navy Blue Edition

Prominently featured across imperial traditions, military uniforms, and maritime aesthetics to symbolise power, navy blue evokes a sense of authority and importance through rich, deep tones. Within the industry, navy blue has become shorthand for a sophisticated sense of effortless polish over frenzied trends and seasonal colours. From the perfection of a navy blazer to impeccability of midnight-hued monochromatic ensembles, navy allows self-assured poise to shine through.

This Monochrome Monday, we showcase our favourite navy pieces from regional favourites across apparel and accessories. From Egypt’s Ausetia to Lebanon’s Renaissance Renaissance, this week’s curation is both an ode to MENA creatives and a nighttime hue that has been - and remains - the muse of many.

Yassmin Saleh

A La Peche Dress

Hand embroidered with love, Yassmin Saleh’s strapless taffeta embellished A La Peche dress is a minimal whimsy dream that comes straight out of an Alice in Wonderland remake.


The Waterlily Vase Bucket Bag

Paying homage to Ancient Egypt, Ausetia’s Water tily vase velvet bucket bag features a gold-plated handle and chain that complement the sacred blue lily statement motif.

Karen Wazen

‘Sir’ Frames

Straight out of a spy movie, Karen Wazen’s ‘Sir’ frames will have all those in your vicinity struck by your gaze.

Rami Kadi

Couture Spring/Summer ‘23 Mantra Collection

Inspired by the earth and the Greek-mythology mother of titans Gaia, Rami Kadi’s twilight blue silk chiffon dress flows like the wind through the desert night, with crystal embellishments for stars.


Renaissance Aden Blazer

All parts the vintage doll, Renaissance Renaissance is the Lebanese label bringing heritage to modern times. With the label’s Aden Blazer, the word ‘timeless’ immediately comes to mind.

Kinda Afifi

Thriving Together Feathered Navy

With winter at our doorsteps, a bucket hat is just the statement piece we need for that extra flair. Perhaps no better purveyor of bucket hats exists in the region than Beirut-based Kinda Afifi.

Elias Antoun

Winterberry Boots

‘Floral strides for the winter vibes’ as the label proudly chants, Elias Antoun’s Winterberry Boots are as festive as a Mariah Carey TV cameo.

Nafsika Skourti

The Urban Waltz Dress

Featuring a classic A-line silhouette, Nafsika Skouri’s Urban Waltz Dress is the sort of ensemble your eyes would encounter watching a golden-age hollywood classic.


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