Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Sparkling Grape Edition

Eat it, wear it, drink it.

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Sparkling Grape Edition

Sparkling Grape is a jewel-toned hue that adds a touch of playful royalty to your wardrobe. The sassy younger sister of classic purple, it has all the richness with an extra zap of vibrancy, making it perfect for eye-catching dresses, statement accessories, and bold heels.

Spotted across various regional brands, Sparkling Grape is the new reigning royal in fashion. With its opulence and saturated tones, the shade evokes the robes of emperors and the velvet cloaks of magicians. Yet within its depths, a playful spirit resides. Hints of lavender and amethyst dance on the surface, like the last signs of twilight before the stars emerge. Here are the most gorgeous picks of the shade from MENA brands.

Daar Dahlia

High Tide Statement Blouse
The sustainable Egyptian brand’s ‘High Tide Statement Top’ boasts a graceful wrap silhouette, its fabric cascading in a wave of rich purple. 

House of Zaya

‘Be Kind’ Cap
This multi-colored cap from the Omani Dubai-based brand is a playful twist on a classic accessory. With an array of colours, each thread weaves a hint of personality, but the regal purple overrules. However, the real fashion statement lies in the message; ‘Be Kind’, boldly embroidered across the front.

Yaz Boho Chain Dress

The Boho Chain Dress is a perfect manifestation of Morocco. Plum purple, flowy and breezy, while still remaining bold.

Hagopian Jewels

Rose Cut Gemstone & Pearl Necklace
The large, rose-cut amethyst takes center stage in this necklace, its rich Sparkling Grape depths reminiscent of royalty. This gemstone is artfully complemented by a single, scintillating round diamond, with a final flourish provided by a majestic, round freshwater pearl.

Bthaina Oman Abaya

Crafted with the care of a true artisan, this abaya embodies fluidity. Light dances across its surface, while intricate embellishments are thoughtfully and meticulously placed.

Mina Binebine Satin Draped Skirt

Mina Binebine's draped satin skirt is a study in contrasts. The subtle sheen of its dark purple hue evokes a sense of regality, while the masterfully draped silhouette adds elegance. The fabric swirls around the legs, culminating in a daring high side slit.

Maison Tabbah Bird Brooch

The bird brooch takes flight with its form crafted from gleaming silver, capturing the essence of a bird in motion. The body shimmers with an array of dazzling purple jewels, while a single emerald nestled in the bird's eye mirrors the beauty found in nature itself.

Katrine Hanna Carmen in Purple & Yellow

These heels are a burst of colour, with vibrant purple interlacing with sunshine-yellow straps that crisscross the foot in a playful dance. The open toe adds a touch of airiness, perfect for warmer days.

La Marque Linebleu Sauvage in Aubergine

The abaya is an intricate blend of tradition, culture, and Sparkling Grape. With a highlighted white bodice, La Marque Linebleu is accentuated by a waistline adorned with colorful beading and gleaming jewels.

Maison Tajj Shimmer Blazer Set in Purple

This shimmering suit-set is crafted from plisse, glinting like a field of amethysts catching the moonlight.


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