Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Monochrome Monday: The Sugar Swizzle Edition

All that’s missing is an angelic halo.

Mai El Mokadem

Monochrome Monday: The Sugar Swizzle Edition

White. It's a blank canvas, a symbol of new beginnings and a timeless echo in the halls of fashion. This pristine hue is echoed in the saccharine sweetness of Sugar Swizzle. A gust of cool against the desert heat, the hue has graced regional fashion brands, spotted across various pieces such as pants, dresses and jewellery. Highlighting their collections with its angelic graze, Sugar Swizzle is a summer essential for both regional brands and for you. Breezy, light and heavenly, this colour is the go-to of the season no matter the occasion. We’ve curated a list of the crème de la crème of the shade across MENA brands.

Noon by Noor | AALIYAH dress

A gorgeous play of textures, the ‘Aaliyah’ dress employs a unique mix of materials with sheer panels and sequined sections, along with adjustable straps. This slip dress balances sexy and elegant with its peek-throughs and cuts.

Vanina | ‘Jardin Enchanté’ handmade mules

These Lebanese mules are a delightful escape into a charmed garden. Delicate pearl and gold flower motifs bloom across the pristine white surface, evoking a sense of springtime delight.

Anissa Aida | Origami Coat

Made in a delicate shade of Sugar Swizzle, this coat drapes with a quiet elegance that echoes the refined lines of the surrounding Mediterranean architecture. The clean folds, reminiscent of origami art, create a subtle interplay of geometry and asymmetry. 

Nadia Chellaoui | Luna Bag XXL

The bag's XXL size whispers of practicality without sacrificing its chic appeal, making a bold fashion statement with its asymmetrical design. Handcrafted Moroccan artistry, this oversized white bag is the ‘it’ bag for carrying your essentials.

Maison Karoline Lang | Gabardine Cotton Cross Neck Corset Top

Crafted from luxurious gabardine cotton, this cross-neck corset top offers a surprisingly comfortable take on a classic silhouette. The structured bodice flatters the figure, while the soft cotton ensures all-day wearability. 

Amir El Kasam | Veiled Tailored Jacket

Intrigue meets immaculate tailoring in the Veiled Tailored Jacket. This edgy piece features a sleek hint of mystery, leaving a glimpse of what lies beneath.

A Better Feeling x Ancuta Sarca | Flower Glasses

These white sunglasses bloom with playful charm. A delicate flower motif adorns the frames, giving their edgy aesthetic a whimsical touch.

Dress City | Kiara Dress & Kendra Dress

The Kiara Dress from the ‘Le Sommet’ Summer 24’ collection flows with a life of its own. A long white dream with tassels for straps, these motifs cascade all the way down along the vertical lines of the dress.

Dys Euphoria | The Khepri Wings Earrings

In the shape of the Khepri’s wings, the ancient Egyptian scarab god, these earrings are a talisman of empowerment. Created with silver, these earrings depict the scarab's powerful wings, a symbol of transformation, rebirth and good luck.


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