Monday June 24th, 2024
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Saudi Arabia’s Intermix Residency To Take Place This October

Showcasing talents, transformation, and sustainability in the region, the multidisciplinary residency aims to offer opportunities for visual artists and designers.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Saudi Arabia’s Intermix Residency To Take Place This October

The blooming creative scene in Saudi Arabia will receive another boost this fall with the launch of the second ‘Intermix Residency: Art & Fashion Reimagined’ program. Taking place from October 22nd to January 4th 2023 in Riyadh's historic Ad Diriyah district, the residency aims to nurture cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation among emerging talents in visual arts, fashion, and curation.

Hosted in the JAX District art hub, the program will support 15 residents through three ten-week cycles. Fully funded by the country's Visual Arts and Fashion Commissions, the residency provides artists access to private studios and accommodations to focus on their practices. Along with studio time, residents will participate in weekly workshops and training to expand their creative horizons.An emphasis will be placed on bringing diverse specialists together to spark new ideas. Designers, artists, and curators from varied backgrounds will be encouraged to engage in unconventional partnerships that push creative boundaries. Through this approach, residents can experiment freely and examine their disciplines from different perspectives. The program strives to foster a collaborative environment where innovation is championed.

Residents will also have opportunities to receive feedback on their work. At the end of each cycle, the public is invited to the Open Studio event to view pieces produced during the residency. This platform allows artists to showcase their achievements and engage with audiences. Each residency cycle is designed to host seven visual artists, seven fashion designers, and one artistic evaluator, though this structure may be adapted based on the volume and quality of applications received.The program offers a private workspace for each participant, convenient accommodation near the designated workspaces, access to shared facilities, round-trip economy-class flights to and from Riyadh, assistance with visa processes for selected international participants, monthly stipends to cover personal and living expenses throughout the program's duration, specialized production grants, transportation for planned group excursions within Riyadh, and transportation and accommodations for cultural exploration trips outside Riyadh.

Applications are open to emerging talents, ending on September 7th, with selections made by a committee of art and fashion authorities. Applications should provide a comprehensive overview of the applicants’ backgrounds, interests, and educational and professional histories, alongside a brief statement explaining their motivation for applying and how the program will contribute to their professional development.By cultivating cultural exchange and diverse creative expression, the Intermix program aims to support the continued growth of Saudi Arabia's visual culture, providing vital funding and networks for residents seeking to elevate their careers. As the art scene in the region expands, initiatives like this will be integral in identifying new talents and passions that can help shape the future landscape. This fall, the second edition of Intermix promises to once again showcase the kingdom's commitment to fostering creativity on a global scale.


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