Sunday May 26th, 2024
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Shahira Lasheen’s New Collection Embodies ‘Loyalty Integrity & Unity’

The family-run operation preaches the power of collectivity and the potential for home-grown fashion excellence.

Amy Reid

Shahira Lasheen’s New Collection Embodies ‘Loyalty Integrity & Unity’

Shahira Lasheen’s atelier lies nestled in the leaf-dappled sunlight of Cairo’s Garden City, a family-run couture house which has a mission build a legacy of couture in the country, and uphold only the highest sartorial standards so that they might serve as an example for couturiers yet to come.

Their newest collection, ‘Ceremony No.5’, is a masterclass in opulent and painstakingly precise tailoring, an homage to the five members of the Lasheen family, and a love letter to the “sacred weave of familial interdependence.”

Speaking to SceneStyled, Creative Director and designer Shahira Lasheen delved into the collection’s process and purpose, as well as her broader vision for the fashion house.

“I am a firm believer that the fruits of triumph stem from the fertile ground of collective endeavour,” she began, “from the sun and its celestial court, to the industrious beehive, the strength of the collective, of family, is abundantly clear.”

Throughout the pieces, the technical excellence we’ve come to expect from Lasheen is once again evident. Ambitious, unapologetically feminine, and a distillation of pure elegance, the capsule collection comprises five stunning gowns in vibrant yet slightly powdery hues of green, pink, and yellow, dripping in embellishment.

“I feel an unshakeable responsibility towards the notions of family and the collective. Today, more than ever, this responsibility weighs heavily as cries for individualism rise, and the self is placed on a pedestal above the collective. This threatens to weaken the arts in our collective human memory.”

The campaign video, realised by director Mohamed Gamal El Din, showcases the pieces amidst the narrative of a wedding day, an ode to the irreplaceable and essential nature of familial bonds and the power of coming together as a collective. It also delicately demonstrates the collection’s flexibility; Ceremony No.5 is equally fit for a young bride as well as her mother.

For Lasheen, the wedding gown is her personal pride and joy: “It carries more than aesthetic appeal; it is a vessel of cultural and historical importance. The dress is a living testament to the craft of Qasabji, an Egyptian art form that is on the brink of obscurity.”

The vital role played by traditional Egyptian craftsmanship and stylistic sensibilities in this couture house is evidenced by this newest drop. One of their main goals is to foster a couture culture in Egypt, and to show the world the significant impact of its fashion heritage on that of the world by passionately preserving traditional techniques such as Qasabji, an intricate embroidery style which utilises silver and gold reed threads, and a whole lot of skill.

Expressing their identity and being as authentic as possible are the cornerstones of the Shahira Lasheen artistic ethos. “Each new collection beckons me to explore techniques yet untraversed,” she told SceneStyled.

“This presents us with an opportunity to assert our identity, without resorting to westernisation. We are committed to crafting an Egyptian institution that endures for generations.”


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