Wednesday February 21st, 2024
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Showcasing Style: Inside Sara Elemary’s Flagship Store in New Cairo

A synthesis of fashion and interior design, the new Sara Elemary showroom is a fusion of creative artistic mediums.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

“Every single corner in the store holds something special to me.”

Fluid curves, an interplay of textures, and striking silhouettes are all hallmarks of Canadian-Egyptian designer Sara Elemary’s sartorial creations, and have been since initially launching in 2009. Now, 15 years of weaving narratives through fashion later, Sara Elemary’s concepts are brought to life in her brand new store and showroom at 5A by the Waterway in New Cairo.

Upon stepping foot inside the Sara Elemary space, one is immediately immersed in the designer's minimal yet bold aesthetic. Sleek steel structures blend seamlessly with warm accents and textured fabrics, mirroring the expert blend of modern sophistication found in each Sara Elemary piece. Vibrant splashes of red and blue enliven the walls, energizing the atmosphere with a feeling of strength and confidence.

To bring this vision to life, designer Sara Elemary worked closely with long-time friend and interior designer Dina Salem - founder of DS studios - to translate her vision into a showcase that elevates both the label and the diverse women whom it celebrates.

"Every single corner in the store holds something special to me," Designer Sara Elemary shares with SceneStyled, encapsulating the personal connection she maintains with the various elements within. From the serene blue desk in her office to the painting that adorns the walls, each detail contributes to the store's identity. The creation of this high-end space was not merely about aesthetics; it was a strategic move to represent the brand differently and reflect the substantial growth experienced by Sara Elemary.

"We needed a high-end space that represented the brand and positioned it differently. On a personal scale, I felt that I achieved something momentous,"

Integral to this achievement is Sara's longstanding friendship with Dina Salem, "I’ve known Dina for ages…The friendship we had since we were young made the process much easier and helped her understand what I had in mind for the showroom," Sara confides. This enduring connection became the cornerstone of their collaboration, facilitating seamless communication and translating Sara's vision into every corner of the store. From the fitting room curtains to the captivating mirrors, and the entrance adorned with glass curves, each component holds a story.

"Fashion and interior design share a fundamental creative process that intertwines aesthetics, form, and functionality. A garment must not only be visually appealing but also comfortable and suited to the wearer's lifestyle. Similarly, an interior space must reflect the user's needs, tastes, and routine," Dina Salem shares with SceneStyled, emphasizing the seamless fusion of both designers’ philosophies.

The choice of red and blue, as explained by Dina, goes beyond just visuals. "Pairing variations of red and blue is a color combo that really brings out the best in both shades. Red symbolizes energy, passion, strength, courage, creativity, and boldness while Blue symbolizes calmness, dependability, stability and inspiration," Salem notes, clarifying the intentional use of colors to create a visually engaging and recognizable space.

"The store concept design was mainly inspired by the flowy and layered lines, much like Sara’s pieces," she adds, providing insight into the inspiration drawn from Sara's fashion identity. Addressing the challenge of balancing an industrial aesthetic with comfort, Dina explains her design strategy. "Most industrial spaces tend to stick to a minimalistic look. Incorporating our main color palette of monochromatic hues with black accents is essentially a blank canvas, allowing us to embrace dynamic merchandise display and center around Sara’s unique statement pieces without creating a visually cluttered space,"

Through examining the collaboration's impact on the store's narrative of inspiration and empowerment, Sara and Dina reflect on the shared journey. “We essentially created a design that seamlessly integrated both the aesthetic elements of interior and the bold fashion vibe inspired by the brand," the duo express, emphasizing the interconnection between fashion and interior design, and highlighting their roles as storytellers weaving narratives that go well past individual mediums.

Shoppers can now experience Elemary’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection ‘Suited Up’ against this backdrop of inspiration. Structured silhouettes and textural plays highlight each woman’s indomitable spirit through dramatic portraiture. Whether in tailored separates or blended sportswear, the line conveys versatility and strength.

A synthesis of visionary fashion and interior design, the new Sara Elemary store and showroom serves as a physical testament to the impact of creative collaboration and, of course, friendship. Through blending vibrant yet not-in-your-face hues, tactile textures and striking messages, Elemary and Salem have crafted a narrative space that resonates with the freedom and empowerment at the Sara Elemary brand’s core.


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