Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Styled Archives: Haifa Wehbe's Most Memorable Looks

She is the moment.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Ever since she stepped into our lives right-heel first in the early 2000s, Lebanese pop star, cultural icon, former Miss Lebanon (runner-up, actually, but hey), and proclaimed 'Queen of Seduction,' Haifa Wehbe has undoubtedly altered the trajectory of the Arabic pop scene. From winning our hearts with 'Ya Heyet Albe' to consoling our collective booboos with 'Boos el Wawa,' Wehbe has been the muse of my yearning lovers and the crush of... well, said yearning lovers.

For this week’s edition of Styled Archives, we’re looking back at some of ‘Malakit Jamal el Kawn’s’ most memorable moments. Also, Rajab, if you’re out there…you know what to do.

Halawet Rooh Film


Donning a magenta-hued black-lace-embroidered bodysuit, Haifa Wehbe was the centre of quite the controversy when ‘Halawet Rooh’ first aired. But honestly? Slay.

With Mervat Amin for Premiere of 'Morgan Ahmed Morgan' at Cairo Opera House 


This Lebanese barbie seems to have an affinity for the colour pink. Dressed in a pink knee-length party dress, Wehbe posed with Mervat Amin (who truly took a page out of Tyra Banks’ book by sensually smizing) at the premiere of classic Egyptian film ‘Morgan Ahmed Morgan’.

With Black Diamond Specialist Fawaz Gruosi for Premiere of Inglorious Bastards at Cannes International Film Festival


Waist to waist with Lebanese-Italian designer Fawaz Gruosi, Wehbe looked every bit the aquamarine dream, wearing a satin dress that not even the ocean could begin to emulate. 

El Wawa 


While so much childhood innocence was lost following the release of ‘El Wawa’, Haifa undoubtedly changed the trajectory of Arab pop, and did so serving some series doll-house fashion.

With Roberto Cavalli at Milan Store Opening


Yes, Haifa Wehbe is on a first name basis with Roberto Cavalli. Attending his Milan store opening, she (naturally) opted for a classic Cavalli cocktail dress.

Performing at the Sixth Video Clip Oscar Festival in Cairo


Rawr? Well, we’re not well acquainted with what sounds leopards make. Performing in a leopard print dress after receiving the best video clip singer award for ‘Baddie Eish,’ Wehbe stunned.

Performing at Benefit Concert for Tunisian NGO Besma Foundation.


With bangles on her hands, and her hands on her hips, Wehbe gave a passionate pop performance dressed in red.

Deal Signing With Rotana in Beirut.


Serving Real Housewives of Beirut - or Beirut Bling, if we may - Wehbe looked classy in a traditional off-white cocktail dress with sheer sleeves and embellished details.

Rajab Video Clip


Rajab, come get your friend…or don’t, we’re kind of enjoying the performance, so keep stalling.

Celebrating Her 46th Birthday in Cairo

It’s giving Vegas showgirl. And we’re absolutely here for it.


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