Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Styled Archives: The Fifi (Foffa) Abdou Edition

More than just a social media icon, Fifi Abdou has been the source of much conversation throughout the decades.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Styled Archives: The Fifi (Foffa) Abdou Edition

She dances, she acts, she’s a social media queen. We are, of course, talking about Egypt’s sequined national treasure, Fifi Abdou. But long before the five-kiss-blowing icon went viral for her quite motivational scripted ‘Al-Ha’i’a Wal Sarab’ monologue (that is as integral to the Egyptian experience as, say, koshary) the actress and belly dancer had her fair share of shining in the spotlight throughout the decades. 

Whether on screen or swaying on stage, Fifi Abdou has danced her way into our hearts, and did so looking undeniably spectacular. For this week’s edition of Styled Archives, we’re looking back at some of our favourite Foffa looks. Starpower, sass, and some pretty incredible celebrity encounters lie ahead - so keep scrolling…



Strutting down the streets of Beirut in 1969, Fifi Abdou proved that fashion can be quite simple; sometimes as simple as just simply wrapping yourself in silky smooth black fabric - and looking stunning doing so.


On Stage with Omar Al Sharif

The dancing stick to her ‘Sagat’, Omar Al Sharif and Fifi Abdou seemed to have quite the fun time on a seemingly inconspicuous night in 1979. 


Fifi Abdou with Abdelhalim Hafez 

In a rather subdued portrait with the Egyptian ‘Andaleeb’ (we get it, Foffa, we’d be intimidated too), Abdou stood tall with her head held high - and wrapped in a traditional Egyptian handkerchief. 


Fifi Abdou with Mohamed Abdou

Opting for a scarlet red shimmering dance suit, Fifi Abdou danced the night away alongside Saudi Arabian singer Mohamed Abdou. 


With Sylvester Stalone at Cannes Film Festival 

Side by side with American actor and adrenaline junkie Sylvester Stalone at the Cannes Film Festival, Fifi Abdou wore a classic black suit with a plunge neckline, complemented by a hefty pearl necklace.


With Elizabeth Taylor at Cannes Film Festival

Two queens maximising their joint slay? Absolutely. Donning a stunning teal top, matching headband, and jewellery, rumour has it that Taylor and Abdou were fighting over who the real Cleopatra was (that is a joke). 


‘Mamnoo’ f Leilet el Dokhla’ Movie

Dancing the night away in a two-piece white and Indigo dance suit, Foffa entranced audiences on and off screen in an energetic performance forever immortalised.


With her Daughter Azza

Mother of the year. Need we say more? 



Serving face in a classic hat, overstated gold earrings, and a teal/black lace halter top, Fifi Abdou looked every bit the Egyptian starlet.


The Cairo Hilton

Making waves in the early days, Foffa performed regularly at the Cairo Hilton Hotel.


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