Monday June 24th, 2024
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The Front Row Studios’ Valentines Collection is an Ode to Arab Love

Titled ‘Enta Omry’, the exclusive collection will be on display at Garden 8’s Maison 69 this February 8th.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

The Front Row Studios’ Valentines Collection is an Ode to Arab Love

Fiery reds, sleek blacks, and leopard prints define how the homegrown Egyptian label, The Front Row Studios, is celebrating Valentine’s this year. The exclusive collection will be on display at Maison 69 in Garden 8 by Misr Italia Properties from February 8th to the 10th, as the retro-loving label takes us back in time to mid-20th century Cairo with ‘Enta Omry.’

“Celebrating love is what The Front Row Studios stands for, and so for Valentines I wanted to present something special,” Malak Hany, the founder and creative director, tells SceneStyled. “‘Enta Omry’ is an ode to love - powerful Arab love.”

Sleek, timeless silhouettes in stunning shades of scarlet and coal represent the base of the collection, however it is the leopard print coat that truly steals the show. A statement piece in and of its own, the coat goes a step further with symbolism, as Malak Hany shares: “Leopards are very possessive animals, and I wanted to tie into that idea of burning, possessive love…”Initially planned to infuse the collection with a touch of Italian romance, Hany found herself captivated by the intensity and beauty of Arabic love songs as she curated her Valentine’s playlist. Thus, ‘Enta Omry’ came into existence. Hany remarks, “Listening to people express their love, lust, and desire in Arabic was so beautiful that it just transformed my entire concept.”

Paying homage to the notion of having someone as the focal point of your life - in all the positive ways, of course (say goodbye to that toxic man bestie), The Front Row Studios is conveying a message of love this February, rooted in a past that is both romantic and timeless.

Making its debut at New Cairo’s Maison 69 from February 8th to the 10th, we're eager to discover what awaits this burgeoning fashion studio.


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