Thursday May 30th, 2024
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UAE-Based K Bil Arabi Dropped Their Very First, Very Red Collection

Sweatpants and hoodies, sexy dresses and jumpsuits, modern jeans and blazers; the brand is stock full of all different styles of clothes.

Mai El Mokadem

UAE-Based K Bil Arabi Dropped Their Very First, Very Red Collection

K Bil Arabi, a UAE-based label, has released their very first collection, ‘Red Winter Collection 2024’ after the brand’s launch in 2023.

While relatively new, the ready-to-wear, contemporary brand didn’t start small. K Bil Arabi’s launch boasted a large, diverse and versatile collection, offering everything from classic jeans and sharp blazers to statement jumpsuits and comfortable hoodies. Their faux fur coats, metallic sets, belted dresses and sexy skirts is fashion you can ‘wear forever’, as the brand says, shifting from trends to timeless pieces. Most of the pieces feature the brand's signature red logo on a square patch, a subtle touch symbolising the power and passion of the very fabric of K Bil Arabi.

Combining comfort with elegance, the RTW brand loves mixing genres of garments, as well as materials. Crafted from faux leather, their pieces (and let’s give a moment to their beautifully edgy co-ord sets specifically) offer the same sleek look and soft feel as genuine leather, but with a sustainable edge. The same goes for their faux fur pieces. K Bil Arabi’s pieces embody a dedication to sustainability with their materials, ensuring that the customer’s sartorial choices leave a positive footprint. Tweed and tailored suits also deserve their own spotlight, exquisitely designed and trimmed.

This red is also reflected in the glaring boldness of the campaign’s shoot, reflecting their brand identity and their daring nature. The carmine atmosphere perfectly complements the sleek, sharp silhouettes of their suit sets and brings out the sheen of the leather pieces. The world of K Bil Arabi is all about carefully curated exclusivity (with limited drops for each piece), and attention to detail in embroidery that define every garment.


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