Sunday February 25th, 2024
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UAE Brand Ofa’s Spring Edit Brims With Juicy Gemstone Goodness

The Dubai-based jeweller plays with colour to give timeless styles a youthful spring cleaning.

Amy Reid

Looking to channel rare-gemstone-fruit-smoothie this summer? Ofa, the buzzy fine jewellery based in Dubai, combines juicy springtime hues and glistening jewels to create playful pieces to keep you iced-out amidst the summer heat.

Founded in 2020, the fine jeweller began incorporating colourful precious gemstones into its designs last year after staying mostly in the monochrome, metal-focussed zone previously.

From fully-encrusted statement rings to asymmetrical gemstone earrings, the candy-coloured pieces are ideal for those with a sweet-tooth and an appetite for sparkle.

Our most luxurious pick has to be the Baby Love necklace. The piece marries a myriad of bright and light gemstones set in 18 karat white gold and is punctuated with music notes in the same precious metal. It’s a contemporary redesign of the classic tennis necklace pairs beautifully with the Ella Multi-Stone Threaded Stud; a cluster earring that lends itself favourable to most tragus piercings.

Designer and influencer Hala’s newer pieces depart from the label’s sleek and fluid designs, harnessing the spirit of fun with more angular outlines and energising colours. The new cohorts remain elegant and understated as they breathe a playful breath of air into the fine jewellery space.


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