Sunday May 19th, 2024
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An Incredible New Luxury Train Experience Is Coming To Egypt

The company behind Orient Express La Dolce Vita and Orient Express Hotels is creating a dream train journey between Cairo and Upper Egypt.

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An Incredible New Luxury Train Experience Is Coming To Egypt

Egyptian National Railways, Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Ministry of Transportation this morning (Sunday March 17th) penned an agreement with ‘Arsenale’, the luxury hospitality group behind Orient Express La Dolce Vita and the Orient Express Hotels to welcome an extraordinary new luxury train experience to Egypt.

Set to launch in 2026 the bucket-list experience will take travelers on a dream trip from Cairo to Upper Egypt - all the way through Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbal - with curated stops along the way to take in the spectacular sights.

Guests aboard the train - which for now is being dubbed ‘Land of the Pharaohs’ - will be invited to immerse themselves in the sumptuousness that has for generations captured the imaginations of travelers, icons and literary legends. Forty lavishly decked out cabins will make for a haute-home away from home as you leisurely watch the Nile go by. Glittering gilded carriages lure you into whiling away your days with a cocktail in hand as you stare dreamily into the distance before giving into the temptation of the Egyptian gastronomic delights on offer. Most importantly of all, the world’s greatest wonders await at each stop.

The news comes just weeks after Arsenale announced the launch of the ‘Dream of the Desert’ in Saudi, an 800-mile trip that will begin in Riyadh, and travel northwest toward the border with Jordan.

*Image is a render of the ‘Dream of the Desert’ train / Courtesy of Arsenale


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