Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Egypt’s First Luxury Rail Cruise Will Make its Maiden Voyage in 2027

From the makers of the Orient Express – this might just be the most extraordinary way to experience the land of the Pharaohs…

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Egypt’s First Luxury Rail Cruise Will Make its Maiden Voyage in 2027

The Egypt National Railway and Arsenale S.p.A., an Italian company operating in the luxury hospitality sector, have signed an agreement to create Egypt’s first luxury train and “rail cruise” set to debut in 2027. 

Consisting of 15 carriages with 40 cabins that come in three different tiers of opulence — deluxe, suite, and honor suite — the hotel on wheels will offer 80 passengers the extravagant adventure of a lifetime. 

Decked out in the finest threads, trinkets and textiles, the celestial-sounding ‘Guardian of the Nile’ will be the an Italian-made luxury train by Arsenale — the renowned hospitality group behind ‘Orient Express La Dolce Vita’ and Saudi’s hotly-anticipated ‘Dream of the Desert’. 

“The train will reflect a design, both exterior and interior, that is typical of the local culture while adhering to international standards,” said Kamel Al Wazir, Egypt’s Minister of Transportation. “It will have a significant and positive impact on the tourism sector, enabling visitors to know and appreciate Egypt's rich history."

With bucket-list itineraries featuring curated stops throughout the journey, passengers will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of Egypt, from the lush beauty of the Nile valley to the soaring temples of Luxor and Abu Simbel.

“I am pleased that Egypt and Italy can collaborate to introduce a new model of sustainable tourism to Egyptian tourism,” Paolo Barletta, CEO of Arsenale S.p.A., tells #SceneTraveller. “This model is aimed at attracting new flows of travelers from around the world who will want to visit this wonderful and historically rich land aboard our trains.”


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