Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Escape to Wonderland with This Whimsical Downtown Stay

An inspired aesthetic cacophony of nostalgia in the heart of Downtown Cairo, this airbnb is a rare find that makes for a dreamy stay.

Menna Shanab

A true labour of love, this little eccentric gem in the heart of historic Cairo makes for a whimsical and dreamy stay. Despite being nestled right in the heart of one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world, this aesthetically-inspired two and a half bedroom apartment is a little oasis of serenity tucked away in a 20th Century building on a quiet leafy side street.

Masterfully interweaving modern comfort with traditional motifs, skillfully curated vintage pieces, charming antiques and traditional woodwork, the apartment is a resplendent reflection of Egypt’s storied past. Guests are invited to settle in amidst a myriad of hand-selected books and an eclectic assortment of patterned sofas while the apartment’s muted pastel pink walls – contrasting beautifully against the intricate tile flooring- engulf you in a kaleidoscope of colors. The arched turret daybed and an antique brass double bed alone make it worth the stay exuding all the vibes of a quirky upscale boutique hotel.

Despite the nostalgic feel it still comes with a handful of modern amenities including a beautifully decked out marble-countered kitchen and a spacious bathroom fashioned with rustic double marble wash basins and an elegant arched shower nook. Four-metre high ceilings and three balconies give an otherwise small space a feeling of largesse while the bedroom balcony offers close-up views of the stunning detail of neighbouring buildings’ intricate Art Nouveau exteriors.

Adding to its charm and eccentricity, the apartment is interspersed with a handful of thoughtful touches like a fireplace filled with candles, an elevated loft sleeping area and a reclaimed hand-carved sliding wooden door and local handicrafts from Fayoumi ceramics and Upper Egyptian basket weaving to Cairene hand-blown glass and Siwan salt block crafts.

The apartment features two bedrooms, two beds, one bath and can host up to six guests. It is currently available on airbnb listed as ‘Eclectic Oasis in the heart of Downtown Cairo’ for approximately USD 27 a night.


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