Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Lebanon’s Sexiest Guest Houses

In a world filled with flashy hotels and swanky Airbnbs, dare to choose a quaint guest house in the Lebanese countryside.

Hassan Tarek

Lebanon’s Sexiest Guest Houses

When it comes to truly and authentically experiencing Lebanon, the magic lies tucked away in its charming and often-overlooked guest houses.

Turning our gaze away from the cold embrace of monolithic hotels, we find warmth in weathered stone walls, serenity in spectacular views of the Mediterranean, and peace in primitive living.

So, without further ado, here are seven Lebanese guest houses that promise all of the above and more.

Abdelli Terraces - Batroun

High above a quaint village, Abdelli Terraces rests like a mirage against the clear blue sky of the Lebanese countryside. Cradled 600 metres above the sea, this guest house’s weathered stone walls are reminiscent of the distinctive silhouette of a camel.  

There, breathtaking panoramas unfold before you – lush valleys carpeted in emerald, expansive pine forests, and ancient vineyards etched into the rolling hills.

Bkerzay - Deir Dourit

At heart a conservation project within the Chouf Mountains, Bkerzay embodies a commitment to preserving the region's natural beauty, traditional crafts, and vernacular architecture. 

Catering to a variety of travellers – with accommodations suitable for families, couples, nature enthusiasts, and those planning special events – Bkerzay was constructed by using traditional Lebanese stonework, integrated into the landscape. 

The interiors reflect the resort’s sustainability-centred ethos and celebrate rustic design through the use of thoughtfully curated vintage pieces. Additionally, guests are granted access to the swimming pool and common areas. 

Dar El Zefta - Zefta

Steeped in history, Dar El Zefta is a captivating guest house located in the south of Lebanon. With roots dating back to 1911, its intricately designed interiors effortlessly blend Ottoman opulence with Italian flair. 

There, guests can choose from a variety of inviting rooms with captivating panoramic views of the surrounding and mesmerising tapestry of iconic hills, rolling mountains that seem to cradle the coastline, and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea stretching out towards the horizon like an endless expanse.

Beit Fares wa Lucia - Byblos

Once upon a time, Fares and Lucia – a Lebanese couple from Byblos – owned a quaint seaside home. Decades later, Najwa – one of their daughters and the current owner – continues their tradition of hospitality. 

The house, situated next to the old city Souq, was known for its warmth and openness, always welcoming friends, family, and neighbours. With the help of loved ones, Najwa carefully renovated the historic house and opened its doors as a warm and inviting guest house in one of the world’s oldest cities – all while maintaining the spirit her parents left behind.

My Stone Cellar - Douma

My Stone Cellar welcomes guests in the heart of Douma, Lebanon. Carved from the cool embrace of restored vaulted cellars, this guest house is integrated into a 19th-century residence showcasing traditional Mediterranean architecture. 

Picturesque nature blends seamlessly with the warmth of historical brick buildings, creating a delightful artistic streetscape. Narrow alleys invite a sense of exploration, leading past colourful markets and remnants of ancient history around every corner. 

The village itself fosters a sense of welcoming warmth, a quality echoed by its hospitable residents. Even winter adds a touch of seasonal beauty to My Stone Cellar, as a dusting of snow transforms the rooftops into a glistening white crown.

Cedar Scent - Niha

High up in Northern Lebanon’s Niha Forest is Cedar Scent, a secluded guest house resting quietly on the hills, where up to eight guests can go to reconnect with nature and each other. 

Adventure awaits just beyond the doorstep, with the cascading beauty of the Balou Balaa waterfall and the Douma souks within easy reach. In the morning, there’s the aroma of freshly baked bread and the promise of a delicious breakfast, made with ingredients from the guest house's very own organic farm.

Beit al Batroun - Thoum

Forty minutes outside of Beirut lies Thoum – a small, self-contained village with a verdant valley. It was there ten years ago that mosaicist and interior designer Colette Kahil decided to create Beit al Batroun, a countryside bed-and-breakfast offering a taste of traditional Lebanese life on the sea coast. 

Built almost exclusively out of up-cycled materials, Beit al Batroun follows the charm of traditional Lebanese rural constructions with rooms and sitting spaces that are thoughtfully articulated around a spacious central liwan. 

Beit al Batroun welcomes guests for a tranquil escape between April and November, offering a maximum of five double bedrooms to ensure a personalised experience. 

Each morning, a freshly-prepared breakfast buffet awaits, made using the bounty of local produce. Evenings unfold under the starlit sky, with delicious dinners and cocktails served on the terrace – the perfect conclusion to a relaxing day in the Lebanese countryside.


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