Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Saudi to Transform Hajj Travel with Air Taxis Between Jeddah & Makkah

The pilotless taxi conducted a successful test in low-risk protected airspace, building anticipation for the futuristic service.

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Saudi to Transform Hajj Travel with Air Taxis Between Jeddah & Makkah

Eternally preoccupied with offering the most convenient and user-friendly experiences in any and all sectors, Saudi Arabia has decided to launch a pilotless air taxi service that is set to revolutionise Hajj – and, by extension, Umrah – travel for pilgrims.  

The Kingdom’s first air taxi service has now successfully completed a preliminary air trial in a low-risk area within protected airspace, building further excitement for the rapid, convenient travel solution for pilgrims transiting from Jeddah, more specifically from King Abdulaziz Airport, to Makkah. With nearly two million people predicted to be performing Hajj this year, congestion of pilgrims has become a major concern, with the taxis offering a new dimension to travel away from the throngs.

The first air trial was conducted using a pilotless eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing) aircraft, marking a significant step toward realising plans for tens of thousands of pilgrims to use such a service in the not-so-distant future. 

The Kingdom has invested upwards of USD 100 billion in air travel solutions, aiming to transform the country into the Middle East’s leading aviation hub by 2030.


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