Monday June 24th, 2024
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Slow the Pace in These Coastal Hideaways in Dahab

Where overhead palms sway and days unfold at a languorous pace, Dahab awaits weary travellers seeking a life of seaside calm.

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Slow the Pace in These Coastal Hideaways in Dahab

An asylum of peace for tired wanderers in search of a laid back life, where days drift by unhurried and nights hang in the balance, the beguiling coastal village of Dahab seduces visitors to stroll through its expansive alleyways, lined with quaint cafes, eateries, and souvenir shops, as date palms sway lazily in the soft breeze and now-locals wheel by on bicycles weighed down by grocery bags - a life of calm and charm.

This summer, as we seek refuge from our urban lives and never-ending deadlines (which we have blithely and wholeheartedly decided to ignore), no Egyptian coastal escape matches the care-free spirit on offer within South Sinai's Dahab. And to spare you the trouble of finding the perfect accommodation to spend your seaside idyll, we've compiled a list of some of Dahab stays, from high-end retreats to more affordable lodging nestled along the shoreline…


Dahab Downtown

Immersing you in the true spirit of a care-free boho life amidst greenery, Beit Thereza is an earth-toned hideaway with wooden and stone accents just a few steps away from Dahab’s turquoise waters.

Accommodations start at EGP 7,000 for a minimum two-night stay.



With direct views of the sea that just simply whisks your worries away as you float atop their infinity pool, Nesima Resort is a rustic boho-chic stay reminiscent of an Italian village - and the best part? You don’t have to worry about securing that Schengen. And if you’re in the mood for deep-sea diving or camel riding, Nessima has it covered.

Accommodations start at EGP 1,300 for a one-night stay.



An all-white haven dotted with palm trees, the Safir Dahab Resort offers a tranquil escape on the coasts of Dahab, away from the lively downtown centre for those craving a serene vacation, relaxed on a sun lounger.

Accommodations start at EGP 4,000 for a one-night stay.


Three Pools

Preserving the spirit of a good-old family vacation, Happy Life stands true to its name. With several pools hosting waterslides fit for family fun, the hotel comes with a private beach and is just a few steps away from Dahab’s three pools. 

Accommodations start at EGP 1,800 for a one-night stay.



With rooms generously lit by an array of wide windows with breathtaking sea views, Shams Hotel & Dive Centre offers cosy rooms, bungalows, and of-course, a dive centre. 

Accommodations start at EGP 1,200 for a one-night stay.


Peace Road

For the social souls among us, Rafiki offers a refined hostel experience with an outdoor pool, a private garden, and a lounge for all late-night conversations perfectly paired with a hot cup of mint-tea. And if you’re feeling the ‘local drifting by on a bike’ fantasy, bike hire is available.

Accommodations start at EGP 400 for a one-night stay.



Perhaps a classic for usual Dahab-goers, Dolphin is a favourite for many for its simple aesthetic and quiet atmosphere. 

Accommodations start at EGP 800 for a one-night stay.


Masbat Bay

Uh, you’re gonna want to Instagram this one. This Villa whisks you away to a state of true relaxation. Gorgeously designed with Arabesque features and violet & teal accents, Villa Boheme is a true bohemian escapade perfect for those seeking a private experience.

Accommodations start at EGP 1,200 for a one-night stay.


Dahab Lighthouse

Accommodating up to eight guests, this two-bedroom apartment is perfect for groups of friends looking to spend an entire day exploring Dahab, and a long night enjoying one another's company over board games and bonding activities.

Accommodations start at EGP 1,400 for a one-night stay.



A minimalistic, chic, and contemporary abode complete with subtle light beiges, wicker furnishings, and stone bed frames, Dar Dahab is an architectural and aesthetic dream in the heart of Dahab. Each apartment and bedroom invites its guests to a realm of minimalist calm with stunning turquoise views.

Accommodations start at EGP 7,000 for a minimum two-night stay.


Dahab Lighthouse

With an Arabesque aesthetic reminiscent of the tales of Shehrezade, Alf Leila enchants with traditional features and immersive decor. With seven intricately designed rooms, Alf Leila promises a calm, private lodging experience.  

Accommodations start at EGP 2,700 for a minimum three-night stay.



All the luxury with all the views, Jaz Dahabeya offers an all-inclusive retreat that requires you to simply rest and not worry about a single thing. 

Accommodations start at EGP 4,500 for a one-night stay.


El-Melik Street

Whites and blues reminiscent of Santorini, El Primo promises a relaxed and lowkey stay within its azure-hued walls. And if you’re in the mood for an adventure, the hotel plans trips and tours to surrounding landmarks such as the St. Catherine Monastery.

Accommodations start at EGP 1,970 for a one-night stay.


Dahab Lighthouse

Dahab Divers is another classic that every avid Dahab lover is familiar with. Offering courses and equipment, Dahab Divers is the go-to place for an underwater experience, and a chill relaxed stay.

Accommodations start at EGP 1,000 for a one-night stay.


Blue Hole Road

With ornate furniture and arched doorways, this instagramable stay comes with panoramic views of the Sinai mountains. And if you’re in an alfresco by the beach kind of mood, Dahab Paradise’s open-air restaurant is just what you need.

Accommodations start at EGP 2000 for a one-night stay.


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