Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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The Address Jabal Omar Now Boasts The World’s Highest Prayer Room

With views of the Holy Kaaba, The Address Jabal Omar’s ‘Sky Mussallah’ soars a staggering 483 meters above sea level.

Scene Traveller

Lofted above the holy city of Makkah, the new ‘Sky Mussallah’ prayer room at Address Jabal Omar Makkah hotel delivers a spiritual experience like no other. Suspended between the towers of the luxury property’s 36th, 37th, and 38th floors, worshippers will feel closer to the divine with panoramic views spanning the Holy Kaaba and the rest of Makkah below.

An incredible feat of engineering, the construction of ‘Sky Mussallah’ required assembling its 650 tonnes worth of steel 312 meters in the air before hoisting piece by piece to its final position connecting the towers. Soaring a staggering 483 meters above sea level, the ‘Sky Mussallah’ is now officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the highest prayer room within a skybridge, where 520 worshippers can pray amongst drifting clouds with a true bird's-eye view.

Its interior being a fusion of traditional Arabic charm, complete with gorgeous calligraphy adorning the walls, and intertwined with accents of contemporary opulence, The Address Jabal Omar has created nothing short of a transcendental spiritual experience.

“With its prime location centering the hotel’s twin towers, the Sky Mussallah is truly breathtaking and is a must visit sight for everyone passing through the city.” Khalid Al-Amoudi, CEO of Jabal Omar Development Company, shares with SceneTraveller.

Launched earlier in 2023, The Address Jabal Omar Makkah is the largest hotel within the Address Hotels Portfolio, boasting 1,484 rooms and suites.


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