Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Traveller Guide: The Best Trips of June 2023

From Spain and Italy to Albania and Croatia, these trips by local organisers are sure to sweeten up your summer this June.

Nouran Saleh

We’re betting you all have that one group chat with 400 or so unread messages wildly debating your next excursion and yet never making anything of it, and we’re here to tell you this: Stop that. You stop that right this instant. It’s almost June for god’s sake! The monuments of Italy, the wilds of Kenya, the ancient wonders of Faiyum… they’re all calling for you. All that’s left is for you to answer. We’ve compiled a list of summer excursions to help you get started with some local trip organisers…

Paris & Barcelona | 8 Days, 7 Nights


🗓️: June 30th - July 7th

💵: EGP 57,982

From the lush vineyards of Bordeaux to the sunny beaches of Costa Brava this trip offers a rich experience of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You’ll get to stroll through Parisian streets while munching on some flakey French croissants, then get ready for a palette change to some tapas and sangrias in Barcelona.

Albania | 8 Days, 7 Nights

Organisers: Gazef

🗓️: June 28th - July 5th

💵: EGP 30,570

Rugged mountains, pristine beaches, and culturally significant sites; Albania caters to every traveller’s piquancy guaranteeing lasting memories.

Croatia | 7 Days, 6 Nights

Organisers: Stamps

🗓️: June 24th - June 30th

💵: EGP 23,718

All Game of Thrones fans are invited to guess which parts of Croatia were used to film Cersei as she plots one of her notorious schemes.

Wadi Al Hitan, El Faiyum | 2 Days, 1 Night

Organisers: Footloose

🗓️: June 16th - June 17th

💵: EGP 1,350

Take a journey to the fossil wonderland of Faiyum where the secrets of ancient marine life are unveiled in breathtaking detail.

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania | 9 Days, 8 Nights

Organisers: Wild Guanabana

🗓️: June 27th - July 5th

💵: EGP 95,412

This one is for the runners, hikers, and people who love the scenic routes; this trip will take you on a wild adventure through the untamed ecosystem of Tanzania.

Southern Italy | 8 Days, 7 Nights

Organisers: Nomads & Travisa

🗓️: June 28th - July 5th

💵: EGP 45,742

Once you set foot here you’ll have to fight the urge to get your hands on a green vespa and stroll through Italy in a white lotus fashion. Most importantly leave your calorie counting days at the airport because pasta, pizza and bruschetta is all you’re having for the rest of the week.

Tbilisi, Georgia | 10 Days, 9 Nights

Organisers: Puzzle

🗓️: June 8th - June 17th

💵: EGP 25,339

Meet a blend of past and present in Georgia’s Tbilisi where the Persian, Ottoman, and Russian cultures mix. Soak in the modern vibrant art scene while having a taste of the international cuisines available.

Cappadocia, Turkey | 5 Days, 4 Nights

Organisers: Trink

🗓️: June 2nd - 6th

💵: EGP 40,170

Find your inner peace in this yoga retreat in the whimsical Cappadocia. Hikes and meditation are a sure way to rejuvenate and gain a sense of tranquillity.

Kenya | 7 Days, 6 Nights

Organisers: Gazef

🗓️: June 30th - July 6th

💵: EGP 36,770

Throw yourself into Mother Nature’s embrace with this adventurous trip to Kenya, where you’ll get to witness some extraordinary wild life.

Istanbul, Turkey | 8 Days, 7 Nights

Organisers: Travista

🗓️: June 30th - July 7th

💵: EGP 44,000

Get your wallets ready for some Istanbul shopping, while your legs prepare for some serious walking tours along the city’s landmarks. Also, don’t forget to dedicate an hour to that authentic Turkish dandorma (I mean we all saw the videos).

Hurghada, Egypt | 3 Days, 2 Nights

Organisers: Puzzle

🗓️: June 22nd - June 24th

💵: EGP 6,500

Get your tanning oil ready for this trip to Hurghada. Dip your toes in Hurghada’s crystal clear water and feast your eyes on some wondrous coral reefs.

Bali | 9 Days, 8 Nights

Organisers: Haka

🗓️: June 29th - July 7th

💵: EGP 27,810

If you’re an adrenaline junkie then you better get your swimsuits and energy ready for this Bali trip, where you’ll be able to ride its famous waves.

Milan, Nice & Barcelona | 11 Days, 10 NightsOrganisers: Travista

🗓️: June 29th - July 9th

💵: EGP 78,105

Have your own Blair Waldorf moment with this trip, where you’ll trek across Europe for a taste of France, Italy and Spain.

Zanzibar - Island Retreat, Tanzania | 6 Days, 5 NightsOrganisers: Trink

🗓️: June 1st - June 6th

💵: EGP 34,400

This is your call to buy that swimsuit that you’ve left in your cart since winter cause you’ll get to soak in the sunny beaches and turquoise waters of the paradise island of Zanzibar.

Mount Elbrus, Russia | 9 Days, 8 Nights

Organisers: Wild Guanabana

🗓️: June 27th - July 5th

💵: EGP 88,056

Yet another one for the competitive spitfires, you'll get to climb one of Europe’s highest peaks. You’ll learn life changing skills and find out what you’re truly made of.

Rome, Sorrento, and Barcelona | 11 Days, 10 Nights

Organisers: Travista

🗓️: June 28th - July 8th

💵: EGP 74,694

Have Rome’s Colosseum and Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia as your very own Insta shots backdrops cause on this trip you’ll get to experience the best Europe has to offer.

Marsa Alam, Egypt | 4 Days, 3 Nights

Organisers: Puzzle

🗓️: June 14th - June 17th

💵: EGP 6,900

Forget your worries at the sea in the coastal town of Marsa Alam where its natural beauty and adventurous activities are set to transform your mood in a second.


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