Friday April 12th, 2024
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Egyptian Pop Artist Amro El Meligy Releases New Single 'Baros'

This artist takes visual metaphors to a new level in his latest offering.

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Egyptian Pop Artist Amro El Meligy Releases New Single 'Baros'

Egyptian artist Amro El Meligy is an electronic vocalist/songwriter who came onto the scene with a laser-focused intent to make beautiful music with incredible impact. With his debut album “Hangin There”, the artist certainly made his mark – it became a bestseller at Virgin Megastores in 2015 and resulted in a string of eight stunning music videos, including a hit duet with Lebanese singer Razan El Mogrhabi entitled “Breaking Me Down”.

In anticipation for his sophomore album to be released this year, El Meligy is releasing a steady number of singles. The first, ‘Hobo Mahabeneesh’, is a classic Arab pop song, complete with a rocking guitar loop. El Meligy’s lyrics are fun, his vocals punchy and energetic.

Now, El Meligy has just released his second single ‘Baros’ and we have no choice but to stan. “It’s an up-tempo track, and the video is filled with a lot of dancing and features the work of rising Egyptian fashion designers Salma Darwish and Noorhan Nassef,” El Meligy tells CairoScene. “The song reminds you of an old friend or lover, or even someone you know who passed away. It’s about being stuck in those memories without ever getting them back. It’s kind of bittersweet.”  

The song is written by the artist himself and is composed by Shady Mohsen and arranged by Sherif El Wesseimy. The music video is directed by Noha El Bahtity and produced by FINGERPRINT Production.


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