Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Aswan Launches First Rabies Campaign to Vaccinate Stray Dogs

The push to vaccinate Aswan's street dogs of rabies was put into effect shortly after an extensive animal rights campaign to save and feed the city's stray animals.

Cairo Scene

Aswan is witnessing its first-ever vaccination campaign to eliminate rabies in stray dogs. These vaccinations follow a city-wide animal rights campaign to save and feed Aswan’s stray animals. This latest push for animal rights was initiated by the Director General of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Ahmed Saleh, and the Director of the Veterinary Unit, Dr. Mohamed Hussein.

Stray dogs are considered an important part of Aswan’s ecological balance, and the vaccines will help ensure that both the dogs and the humans who live around them can stay in good health without disrupting that balance.

Vaccines are already being administered in the Mahmoudiya area during the campaign’s first stage, which aims to vaccinate at least 200 dogs.


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