Saturday December 9th, 2023
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Baia Beach House by Tamer Banna to Tantalize on Egypt's North Coast

A new beach restaurant and bar at Telal Al Alamein, Baia Beach Club, is about to manifest on the North Coast, embodying quintessential Mediterranean vibes.

John Bichara

Pristine white fabrics, pale woods, delicate beige palm leaves - these are the elements that without fail pull us out of whatever urban funk we may be struggling with, the smog and the noise and the oppressing ceiling closing in on us, and instead takes us to the Mediterranean.

A new beach restaurant and bar at Telal Al Alamein, Baia Beach Club, has manifested as the embodiment of this atmosphere, pulling back the delicate white see-through curtains and lighting up the wicker lamps for the quintessential Sahel experience.

"Our aim is to have a place that ignites all the senses," Tamer Banna, founder of Beyond Entertainment and the man bringing Baia to life, tells CairoScene. "A place where you can comfortably chill, enjoy a fresh and savory meal, sip on a handcrafted cocktail, listen to the best tunes all while gazing at the beautiful beach view."

To accomplish this they've done more than just create one of the prettiest beachside set-ups in Sahel. Their cuisine is set to sample the best of the Mediterranean with a smorgasbord of a menu inspired by France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco and Turkey all washed down with insta-worthy cocktails.

Of course Sahel season also means party season, and Baia delivers with a packed roster of live performances featuring the likes of Nelly Cassis, Nathalie Bichara, Hassan Ramzy as well as DJs Adham Dou, Roro Assaf and Lyon Avakian.


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