Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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No More Straighteners! Every Egyptian Brand You Need for Curly Hair

We’ve sussed out a handful of local brands that will help you rock those curls…

Mariam Zakzouk

No More Straighteners! Every Egyptian Brand You Need for Curly Hair

Every day more people are putting aside the hair straighteners and letting their natural curly locks run free. And while the curly hair routine can be a challenge - especially if we’ve only been exposed to products and tips that assume we’ve got long straight hair like those actresses on TV - it’s all worth it once you’ve got it. We’ve sussed out a handful of local brands that will help you rock those curls…


Bio Soft prides itself on being a cheaper, fully natural alternative for readily available natural hair products. They’re well known for  their coconut and shea butter deep conditioner, which are supposed to have this intense hair repair after-effect. Their flaxseed gel is also one of the best ones on the market. 

Their products are only available online; you can order through their link in bio on Instagram at @biosoftegypt.


Bubbles is known for their shampoos and conditioners, but they also offer hair serums, hair perfumes, pomade and a stunning leave-in conditioner Their shampoo is heaven for anyone with frizzy dry hair, and their conditioner smells devine. 

You can shop their stuff online at bubblzzeg.com, as well as in Blooms Pharmacy and COW, a boutique in Maadi and the Fifth Settlement. 


Well-known for the cute French names they choose for their products, Braes is a skin and hair care company geared towards empowering Egyptian women. They make this miracle working detangling hair spray that is a must-try. Of course the main event is the adorably-named“On fait quoi ce soir” (what are we doing tonight) and “Je suis de retour” ( I am back). 

They’re mostly found in Blooms Pharmacy, La Coupe Hair Salon, Bazid Pharmacy amongst other places. You can also spot them in Lemon Tree in Gouna, or shop through their website at braes.co.


Featured on natural hair pages all over instagram, Bless’s products are very easy to find, even if you’re not looking from them. Walking in literally most malls, you’re most probably bound to find one of their displays. They have two main lines of products: the argan oil line and the shea butter line. Each line includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner.


Cleopatra is one of the oldest of the local brands on this list, having long championed natural beauty. Their most well known product, and arguably their best, is the Argan Oil Hair Mask. Their entire Shea Butter line is pretty much magic, and their camel marrow cream is also known for its insane reparative properties. 

Their products can be easily spotted in most pharmacies and supermarkets, and they’re also available on amazon.


Jevan’s entire shtick is giving back life to your hair, focusing on reparative products and instant effect. Their most displayed and most famous product is the Pinky Milky hair styling cream. They also have the Wavy Navy cream for less coil-y, more wavy hair. They thrive on the fact that their products smell divine, and they even seasonally release new smells, all with rhyming names. 

Their products can be found exclusively online, particularly on their website jevancare.com. 


Flaxseed gel is magic, that is fact to anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair. It makes your hair shiny, it creates a perfect hold and keeps your hair in the same shape the entire day. Just Pure offers flaxseed mixed in with aloe vera gel, lavender and rosemary. Each product has its own benefit and is specific to a certain hair type.

Just Pure’s flaxseed gel can be found in S.Hairstudio in Maadi, Curled by M studio in Heliopolis, and through their Instagram at @justpureegy.newaccount.


Nefertari is all about the chemical-free life; their products are inspired by old egyptian recipes dating back to pharaonic times, hence the name.  While Nefertari is focused on hair alone, their oils are arguably the best on the market. Curly hair often needs a lot of natural oils, and you can use these for heat masks, along with other treatments. 

You can find them at their various locations all throughout Cairo or shop using their instagram page at @nefertari_store_. While you’re at it, make sure to check their highlights, where they educate you on all their products. 


The Hair Addict has a huge range of products, styling tools and tips and tricks on how to be one with your hair. Their styling brush is epic and their no-poo recipe is a lifesaver during the summer’s humid months - when your hair needs all the help it can get. 

They’re one of the bigger brands on this list and they can be found in various other countries across the Middle East.


Raw African is an Egyptian company that focuses on using the most natural ingredients. Their Argan Oil shampoo holds insane restorative qualities. They’re very accessible, and they’re one of the few bigger brands that use Arabic in their product descriptions. 

They can be found in their physical shops in City Stars and Mall of Arabia, and online through rawafrican.net.


Somavie is a medicated hair care line dedicated to curly hair. The brand is the first of its kind in Egypt, and they focus on making themselves reachable, and their products convenient. They carry a shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner line, as well as an array of styling products.

You can find their products on their instagram page at @somavie.curly; when you click the link in bio, you can find out about your hair porosity, and how to most efficiently style it.


Created by artist Hana Ghoneim with Egyptian women in mind, Locken is a clean and cruelty free hair product.

Locken has you covered with everything from shampoo and conditioner to the plopping t-shirt you use on your hair after your shower. The best thing to do is buy their entire set, since everything in it is perfectly made.

Their products are meant for all hair types, and aren’t made with a specific gender in mind. You can find them exclusively on their website, shoplocken.co, or through their instagram shop at @locken.co.


Earth Bath is a conscious hair brand. Their goal is to empower women through their journey towards healthier hair, and as such their products are customized to fit every hair type and texture.

Their website allows you to literally shop based on your specific hair problems. They also dedicated an entire line to children, with tear-free shampoo to make every parent’s life much easier. 

One of their most famous products is the Super-Greens Leave in Conditioner which is magic during the drier summer months.

They can be found on Hair Treats, S.hairstudio, Amazon and Giftopia. To browse their site visit earth-bath.com.


Firm believers that everything good happens in the shower, Smack That Scrub are, as you might guess, a scrubs company. 

Their curly hair line, adorably named ‘Refresh that Scalp’, ‘Wash it Off’, ‘Unite the Knot’ and  ‘Boost that Curl’ are perfect for a luxurious and relaxing hair routine. Although their ‘Feed that Strand’ hair mask is the most popular out of all the products for its night-miraculous effect.

You can shop for their products on their Instagram shop at @smackthatscrub, or their website at smackthatscrub.store.


Designed by busy women for busy women, this is the hassle free product for anyone with a straining routine. 

Not only do they offer the most easy hair routine on the market, they also write blog posts that educate women on what proper hair care looks like, vouching for all natural products.

Their curly don’t care set is perfect for anyone who just wants to get the routine out of the way, but would still like perfect results. 

Their products can be found on their website, chaosproducts.com and their Instagram shop at @chaosproducts.


Joviality thrives on producing local products with exotic ingredients. They have a huge range of products, some of which are dedicated to curly hair care.

With summer coming up, their Curl Wonder Leave in is a must try, guaranteed to tame that post-sea-or pool- hair frizz.

They can be found in Mall of Arabia, Cairo Festival City, City Center Alexandria, City Stars Mall, Mall of Arabia and of course on their Instagram at @joviality.egypt, and their website, joviality-eg.com.


BONUS -  Curly Cave : This is every curly haired individual’s paradise, a page that combines all the products, styling  tools and every other thing under the sun in one neatly organized drive link. Definitely worth a visit on Instagram at @curlycave.


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