Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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This Online Initiative is Helping Provide Prosthetics to Those in Need

Omar Abdelkader is the shark attack survivor and para-athlete who launched an initiative aiming to provide prosthetic limbs for those in need.

Nouran Saleh

This Online Initiative is Helping Provide Prosthetics to Those in Need

Imagine sitting on your bed scrolling through Instagram and coming across a reel of a para-athlete challenging an able-bodied athlete to raise money in support of persons with disabilities, your curiosity would be piqued, no?  Omar Abdelkader is an adaptive athlete and fitness coach who launched a social media initiative called ‘Muscle Up For Good’ to help provide prosthetics to those in need.

Having survived a shark attack while on a trip to Ain El Sokhna in 2016, Omar Abdelkader inspired thousands by documenting his journey of recovery on social media as he went through intensive physiotherapy and learned to live with a prosthetic leg.

‘Muscle Up for Good’ is a social media series where Abdelkader challenges athletes to various athletic competitions where the loser then donates money to Ne2dar Initiative, a local platform and community organisation offering various forms of support to trauma survivors and persons with disabilities. The donated money helps fund the operational cost of attaching prosthetic limbs. The amount of money donated is based on the amount of likes each episode receives, all of which are posted on Omar Abdelkader’s official Instagram page. To keep it simple, each like equals one EGP.

Four episodes have been released so far, featuring renowned athletes and coaches like Fit Egypt founder Abdelrahman Abdallah ‘Cavio’, Ignite’s head coach Nada Kamaly, and kung fu and kickboxing world champion Sherif Bendary.


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