Thursday December 7th, 2023
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AUC Tahrir to Host Adaptation of Tawfiq El Hakim's 'Bank El Qalaq'

The comedy play sets out to answer one absurd question: what if you could put all your feelings of anxiety in a bank?

Hesham Badr

‘Bank El Qalaq’ (‘The Bank of Anxiety’), a comedy play inspired by and adapted from the work of playwright Tawfiq El Hakim, will take the stage at AUC Tahrir on November 15th, shedding a humorous light on the challenges faced by the modern Egyptian.

The plot follows two friends, Adham and Shaaban, who try to establish a bank that deals with the intangible currency of anxiety, as they deal with clients from all walks of Egyptian life and the contemporary pressures they each deal with. The production is directed by Dina Amin, and stars Omar Gomaa and Karim Hamad.

The play will take place at the AUC Tahrir, Falaki Building, from Wednesday, November 15th to Saturday, November 18th.


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