Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Egypt’s Habiba Youssef Kicks Off Chamberlain Coffee’s Artist Series

Meet Mr Goat: the new face of Chamberlain Coffee for the rest of January.

Layla Raik

Egypt’s Habiba Youssef Kicks Off Chamberlain Coffee’s Artist Series

Chamberlain Coffee, the coffee brand by

American YouTuber and Gen Z icon Emma Chamberlain has been putting the spotlight on artists from all over through her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, lending the design of its coffee bags to a new artist every month. And to kick the artist series off, they’re starting with Egyptian talent Habiba Youssef.

A years-long Emma Chamberlain fan, Habiba Youssef is a 23-year-old artist from Cairo, Egypt, who would often use her pen to create sketches of Emma herself. She didn’t think much of it at the time, but as it turns out, Emma took note.“About a year ago, I was approached by the Chamberlain Coffee team to join their artist series,” Youssef tells CairoScene. “Apparently, Emma really liked my art and had actually picked out three of my art pieces to feature for the series.”

Youssef’s art is whimsical, throwing itself headfirst into whichever style currently interests her, constantly being a source of experimentation with new colours and mediums. She’s particularly fond of creating portraits of her friends as fairies, or creating new friends altogether – all with a quick bippity-boppity-boo of her brush.

“I chose to draw my character, Mr Goat, for the series. Mr Goat is the first of my imaginary friends and the closest of them,” Youssef shares. “He is a feeling that comes to me once I get over a person or thing that I was attached to. As soon as I’m fully healed, I get the urge to draw him. Even if I don’t know how he’s going to look each time, I need to draw him because somehow the sketching process makes me feel better.”Lucky subscribers to Chamberlain Coffee can now pour their hearts out to Mr Goat over their morning cup of coffee. A piece of Habiba’s heart is now the comfort of many more hearts around the globe.


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