Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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Media Production City is Reviving ‘Scandal in Zamalek’ & ‘Bandit’

The Audio-Visual Restoration Centre has partnered with the Cinema Treasures Foundation to restore 50 Egyptian vintage classics.

Patrick Davies

Media Production City is Reviving ‘Scandal in Zamalek’ & ‘Bandit’

Classic Egyptian films ‘Scandal in Zamalek’ and ‘Bandit’ have been given the vintage film equivalent of a full spa treatment at the Audio-Visual Heritage Restoration Centre at the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC).

These two 1959 classics will undergo physical restoration before being scanned and converted to ultra-high-definition 4K digital files, which will then be digitally restored so that they can be viewed and appreciated in all their glory once again.

These are two of the 50 films that are being fully restored as part of a collaboration between the EMPC and the Cinema Treasures Foundation, set up to promote and preserve Egypt’s rich film heritage. The restoration of several films, including ‘The Midnight Driver’, ‘Life’s Cabaret’ and ‘Dalaa Banat’, has already been completed. The remaining films submitted by the Cinema Treasures Foundation are in the pre-restoration phase in anticipation of bringing all 50 vintage classics back to life with the best image and sound quality.


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