Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Opéra national de Paris Will Hold Their First Concert in AlUla

The French opera house’s first performance in AlUla will feature Saudi soprano Sawsan Albahiti and Egypt’s Farrah El Dibany.

John Bichara

Opéra national de Paris, the most distinguished opera house in France, will be flying to Saudi Arabia for its first performance in AlUla on January 17th, bringing some of their most internationally renowned opera stars, ballet dancers and musicians for a live concert in Maraya Concert Hall, including Saudi soprano Sawsan Albahiti and Egyptian mezzo-soprano Farrah El Dibany.

Presented by Villa Hegra, a French-Saudi institution for arts and culture, the opera and ballet performance represents the beginning of a long-term partnership between Opera national de Paris and Villa Hegra, which will offer training programmes and artistic performances in AlUla.

The concert will also feature the Etoile dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet, Alice Renavand, as well as soprano Marianne Croux, tenor Yu Shao, baryton Vladimir Kapshuk and pianist Benjamin Laurent.

Tickets to the event are free, but registration on the Experience AlUla website is required to attend.


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