Monday February 26th, 2024
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Sequel to 2005 Romcom ‘Hareem Kareem’ Will Premiere This Summer

The sequel, ‘Awlad Hareem Kareem’, will be the first film collaboration between superstar Moustafa Amar and his son Tayam Amar.

Cairo Scene

The long awaited sequel of 2005 hit romcom ‘Hareem Kareem’ will finally hit theatres this summer.

Titled ‘Awlad Hareem Kareem’, the sequel will be the first time actor Moustafa Amar and his son Tayam Amar collaborate in a film. They previously worked together on the 2021 TV series ‘Fares Bella Gawaz’.

Actors Dalia El Behiery, Khaled Sarhan and Ola Ghanem have returned to reprise their roles in the sequel, while young stars like Mayan El Sayed and Rana Raeis will serve as fresh faces in the cast.

‘Awlad Hareem Kareem’ will revisit the characters from the first film as they grew up and became parents, and will follow the mischief they must endure alongside their children.


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