Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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1 Million Trees Have Been Planted Across the Madinah Region

The National Water Co's efforts fall under goals to plant over 10 billion trees across Saudi Arabia by 2030.

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The landscapes around Madinah are greener today thanks to a massive tree planting effort led by the National Water Company of Saudi Arabia. As part of the nationwide Saudi Green Initiative, over one million trees have been strategically planted across various areas of the Madinah region.

In what is one of the area's biggest afforestation drives to date, the newly established forests are located near wastewater treatment plants. This ensures the trees have ideal growing conditions, as they can be nourished with treated water from the facilities, optimising the use of recycled water resources.

The National Water Company's efforts fall under goals to establish over 10 billion trees across Saudi Arabia by 2030. Seeking to enhance sustainability, raise environmental awareness, and make the most of reclaimed water from wastewater plants, these afforestation campaigns are simultaneously transforming landscapes throughout the Kingdom.


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