Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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13,000 Year Old Prehistoric Settlements Discovered in Fujairah

The discovery in the Al Habhab region stone includes tools, animal bones and fireplaces.

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13,000 Year Old Prehistoric Settlements Discovered in Fujairah

Archaeologists in Fujairah have unearthed groundbreaking evidence of prehistoric settlements, challenging established timelines by millennia. The discovery at Jabal Kaf Addor rock shelter in the Al Habhab region reveals human occupation dating back 13,000 years. This contradicts earlier beliefs that Southeast Arabia remained uninhabited from 38,000 to 7,000 years ago.

Dr. Knut Bretzke from the University of Jena, who led the excavations, described the findings as surprising and pivotal for understanding early human habitation in the region. The site yielded stone tools, animal bones and fireplaces, suggesting repeated human presence during that period.

The research, involving Fujairah's Department of Tourism and Antiquities, University of Jena and Oxford Brookes University underscores Fujairah's rich archaeological heritage and the resilience of early human communities in adapting to varied climates.


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