Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Arnaud Rivieren Explores Stillness in New Exhibition ‘Steel Life’

On display at Custot in Dubai, the Belgian sculptor views industrial waste in a new light - and new forms.

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Arnaud Rivieren Explores Stillness in New Exhibition ‘Steel Life’

In a sharp deviation from their previous textile-based exhibition, Dubai-based art gallery Custot welcomes a more industrial exhibition - one that brings an unexpected variation to the astuteness of steel lines. Belgian contemporary sculptor Arnaud Rivieren presents ‘Steel Life’, his second solo show at Custot, and a reimagination of steel industrial waste.

In his first solo exhibition, ‘Natural Sublime’, Rivieren challenged viewers to examine nature’s sublime across two dimensions: respect and attention. Representing everyday objects such as fruit in industrial steel waste, Rivieren emphasises his awe with the intimate rather than the overwhelming.

Steel Life represents a continuation of the artist’s first project. His use of industrial waste to create sculptures that represent organic and familiar objects facilitates a connection between what we know and touch, and what is considered distant and unfathomable within the world of industrialisation. Beginning from a riff on the fading sublime of nature, Rivieren’s work expanded to the exploration of life in stillness - or in its steelness.

The exhibition is on display at Custot, in Alserkal Avenue, Dubai. 


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