Friday June 2nd, 2023
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Byzantine Burial Chambers Unearthed in Assiut Necropolis

An Egyptian archaeological mission has unveiled ancient relics amongst the necropolis of Meir.

Cairo Scene

An Egyptian archaeological mission has uncovered remains of ancient buildings and burial chambers at the necropolis of Meir in Assiut.

Dating back to the Byzantine times, the walls of one of the buildings feature supplications of ancient deities in old Coptic script. Surrounding the inscriptions were old shelves that were most likely used to store manuscripts.

Some human remains and funerary furniture were also found amongst the burial sites. One of the burial chambers belonged to a woman, and contained two copper mirrors, black and blue faience beads and clay pots.

The necropolis of Meir was used as a burial site for more than 2,000 years during the Old and Middle Kingdoms.


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