Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Churches & Mosques Welcome High School Students During Power Outages

To help high school students ahead of their exams, religious institutions are allowing students to study on their premises.

Cairo Scene

Churches & Mosques Welcome High School Students During Power Outages

Following the announcement of the continuation of daily power cuts throughout the entire period of high school examinations until mid-July, multiple mosques and churches all over Egypt have opened their doors to students throughout power cuts.

Several churches in Alexandria, Port Said and Cairo, as well as every church in Assiut, have opened their doors for students to study inside their generator-powered halls. The establishments will also be providing wifi and air conditioning for the students, with Assiut churches providing a refrigerated water bottle for each student. The initiative was started by the Church of Margaret the Virgin in Alexandria.

Similarly, several mosques in Cairo and Alexandria, as well as in other governorates, are inviting students to study onsite, where electricity, air-conditioning and wifi are provided, in preparation for their exams. The exam period has been extended until July 20th.


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