Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Cynthia Khalife & Sarah Taibah Star in New Horror Film ‘Borderline’

Starring Lebanese and Saudi stars, the film is set to be released during the Halloween period.

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Cynthia Khalife & Sarah Taibah Star in New Horror Film ‘Borderline’

Lebanese actress Cynthia Khalifeh, a star of the series ‘8 Days’, and Lucien Laviscount, known for his role in ‘Emily In Paris’, will take on the lead roles in the upcoming horror-thriller ‘Borderline’. The film is currently in production and boasts a cast including Jason Flemyng (‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’), Laura Marano (‘The Royal Treatment’), and the award-winning rising Saudi star Sarah Taibah.

‘Borderline’, directed by BAFTA-nominated Jane Gull (‘My Feral Heart’) and produced by Cynthia Khalifeh and Evan Ross, is based on a screenplay by Elisabeth Morris, author of ‘Above the Below’. The story centres around Zeina, a young woman who visits the dilapidated ‘Borderline’ bar to meet the charming Jack. She quickly finds herself sharing a drink with Paul, a stuttering but handsome local. Despite his non-threatening demeanour, Zeina is unaware that Paul is a serial killer who lures his victims within the lawless walls of ‘Borderline’.

Cynthia Khalifeh has received acclaim for her diverse talent and powerful performances, from her early days in the Lebanese series ‘Abdo and Abdo’ to her international recognition in films like ‘Cargo’.

‘Borderline’ is slated for a Halloween release.


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