Monday July 22nd, 2024
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Egypt Ranks 135th Out of 146 Countries for Gender Parity

The country achieved an overall parity score of 62.9 percent, compared to the global average of 68.5 percent.

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Egypt Ranks 135th Out of 146 Countries for Gender Parity

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report for 2024 has ranked Egypt 135th out of 146 for overall gender parity, maintaining the same position of the previous year even with a slight increase of 0.3 percentage points to a parity level of 62.9 percent; average global gender parity currently stands at 68.5 percent.

The WEF’s Global Gender Gap Report takes four categories into account when assessing parity between gender. In Educational Attainment, Egypt scored 96.6 percent compared to the global average of 94.9 percent; and in Health and Survival, the country scored 96.8 percent, compared to 96 percent globally.

However, in the remaining two categories, Egypt falls behind the global average for gender parity. The world’s average parity in Political Participation currently stands at 22.5 percent - in Egypt, the figure is 17.6 percent. And in terms of Economic Participation and Opportunity, the country lies far behind the global average of 60.5 percent, with Egypt scoring 40.6 percent. With its overall score of 62.9 percent, Egypt ranks tenth out of all MENA countries.

Measured on a regional level, the MENA scored lowest in the 2024 study of gender parity, with an overall percentage of 61.7 percent. Based on prevailing trends, full gender parity in the region is not expected to be achieved until 2175. Comparatively, Latin America and the Caribbean appear set to achieve parity by 2076, and Europe by 2090. The WEF predicts that the East Asia and Pacific region won’t reach gender parity until at least 2212.


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