Tuesday March 5th, 2024
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Italian Aerospace Firm Argotec is Expanding to Saudi Arabia

In pursuit of this plan, Argotec is planning on establishing a subsidiary in the Kingdom, which will ultimately serve the entire MENA region.

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Italian Aerospace Firm Argotec is Expanding to Saudi Arabia

During Riyadh's World Defense Show 2024, Italian aerospace firm Argotec has recently announced its plan to expand its operations to Saudi Arabia.

The decision came in light of the Kingdom’s recent accomplishments in the space and aviation industry. The aerospace firm has already started joining forces with the Saudi Space Agency to develop new technologies, serving satellites in space, and supporting defence services for humans, as well as training astronauts for space operations. 

Originally founded as a startup in 2008, Argotec is a Turin-based global aerospace engineering company, specialised in developing innovative, sustainable and reliable solutions - from the production of nano-satellites to astronauts training workshops - to support space operations.

Having recently launched a subsidiary in the US, Argotec is also planning to establish its first subsidiary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be dedicated to providing service to the entire Middle East in the future.


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