Thursday July 25th, 2024
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London’s Harrods Spotlights USD 63 Billion Diriyah Development Project

This exhibition showcases the 350 luxury residences in the project by Ritz Carlton, Baccarat, Corinthia and more.

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London’s Harrods Spotlights USD 63 Billion Diriyah Development Project

Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Company has launched an exclusive pop-up exhibition in Harrods in London. Running until July 26th, the exhibition showcases the USD 63 billion mega-development project in Diriyah, the historic birthplace of the Kingdom.

Targeting Harrods' 450,000 expected monthly visitors, the exhibition features a master plan that outlines the future urban landscape of Diriyah, a development set to be six-and-a-half times the size of Monaco. The project will include hotels, four metro stations, and extensive retail and office spaces, all encapsulated in the traditional Najdi architectural style and characterised by warm hues of yellow, orange and brown.

Another significant highlight is the display of 350 luxury residences by mega-popular brands like Ritz Carlton, Baccarat and Corinthia. These residences promise varied lifestyles, from the sophisticated aesthetic of modern-day luxury and French je-ne-sais-quoi in Baccarat homes, to the cosy, family-oriented sense of Corinthia, and the high-service focus of Ritz Carlton units. Representatives from Diriyah Company are present to guide visitors through these offerings and the different benefits of each brand. 

This exhibition is part of a larger strategy to promote Diriyah globally, following an earlier immersive exhibition at Outernet in London. Upcoming showcases are planned for other major cities, including Los Angeles, New York, Sydney and Paris.


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