Monday May 27th, 2024
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Marseille’s Mucem Museum Hosts ‘Alexandria: Past Futures’ Exhibit

The French museum explores Alexandria’s rich past and urban fabric with a collection of 200 artefacts.

Farah Desouky

Marseille’s Mucem Museum Hosts ‘Alexandria: Past Futures’ Exhibit

‘Alexandria: Past Futures’ - an exhibition held at the Mucem Museum in Marseille, France - is a celebration of the coastal city’s mythical history. The exhibition aims to open a window into Alexandria’s rich and multicultural past through a holistic approach, contrasting 15 contemporary pieces with historical testimonies and archaeological pieces across five sections.

The collection features around 200 artefacts from some of the most important European museums covering eight centuries, from the foundation of the city by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE to the advent of Christianity, as well as glimpses into Byzantine, Arab-Islamic and modern times.

The exhibition will run from February 8th to May 8th.


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