Sunday April 14th, 2024
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New Egyptian-Made ‘Kader' Electric Scooter Hits the Market

With financing plans on offer, the EGP 88,000 battery-powered scooter is an appealing alternative to some imported options.

Cairo Scene

New Egyptian-Made ‘Kader' Electric Scooter Hits the Market

The Arab Organisation for Industrialisation has announced the manufacture of Kader, Egypt’s newest locally produced electric scooter, priced at EGP 88,000.

The scooter will be capable of travelling 60 kilometres on a single charge, taking between three and six hours to charge, depending on power supply and battery conditions. At full throttle, the scooter will hit speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour, outstripping much of its competition in the electric scooter market.

Electric scooters are already becoming increasingly popular within Egypt, and until now the vast majority of these are imports, notwithstanding Egyptian-made brand Glide. This announcement of the latest locally produced electric scooter, in tandem with financing plans offered by Banque Misr, shows particular promise for the burgeoning food and home goods delivery industry, with the number of riders in urban centres surging in recent years.


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