Sunday April 14th, 2024
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New Mercedes-AMG Cafe Opens in Dubai

Quirky lattes, stunning breakfast platters and exotic Mercedes models - this café really puts you in the driver’s seat.

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New Mercedes-AMG Cafe Opens in Dubai

When it comes to luxurious brunching, Dubai’s streets are stacked with elegant cafés and restaurants that celebrate the finer things in life. Spots where you park your classy car (that is, if you’re not perusing the drive-thru), and simply strut inside for a truly fabulous morning. These spots, however, have nothing on the new Mercedes AMG Kaffe Haus, which reiterates the luxury car experience even after you park your vehicle outside (or, if you took the bus, allow you to experience your manifestation board in real life). 

The new AMG Kaffee Haus is a full sensory experience, all in capital-E Elegance. As you munch on your wild mushroom truffle eggs on toast - a breakfast that tastes as esoteric as it sounds - and sip on a spicy cup of saffron latte, you can delight in the stunning sight of miniature AMG models. They’re just like the real thing, but much much cuter.  While some people are into the little things, we’re willing to brave the controversy and say it like it is: we like to go big, so we’ll be sitting outside. In the outdoor area of the AMG Kaffee Haus, visitors can breathe the same air as exotic AMG models, simply sitting around in the wild, confident in their sleek beauty. What more can one ask for? When surrounded by delicious food, strong coffee, a serene pool, and vehicles that would not be out of place in a car collectors’ TikTok, one can safely skip through Maslow’s hierarchy and go straight to self-actualisation. 

Besides, a visit to the AMG Kaffee Haus can surely extend the life expectancy of even the most stagnant of relationships - the girlies get their sweet treat (a pink, lavender-infused butterfly pea lemonade perhaps paired with a gluten-free brownie) while the boys get to take in motorised scenery they actually love.  You can visit the AMG Kaffee Haus at either of its branches, at the Design District or at City Walk. Its delicacies are also available for drive-thru on Drivu, and for delivery via Deliveroo.


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