Monday June 24th, 2024
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Photopia Announces Open Call for Documentary Exhibit in Alexandria

The Sard exhibition invites a generation of photographers and visual storytellers to the Alexandrian coast.

Cairo Scene

Photopia Announces Open Call for Documentary Exhibit in Alexandria

On the outskirts of convention, far from vinyl-smelling malls and uniform buildings, the seedy underbelly of history flourishes. Given the breadth and diversity of Egyptian society, it is only natural that some stories go unseen, hidden in plain sight. It is here that our role is made clear, as citizens - and thus, observers of our time - to record the stories no one else sees. ‘Sard’, an exhibition that photography hub Photopia has taken all over Egypt since 2018, serves exactly that purpose. This year, the exhibition is landing in Alexandria as part of Alex Photo Week.

“The power of documentary photography lies in a trading of knowledge,” Photopia co-founder Marwa Abou Leila tells CairoScene. “It's a form of citizen journalism. Independent photographers can cover the side of history no one else sees, and these stories can then be shared cross-culturally.”

The upcoming edition of Sard, which is now open for participation by photographers from all over Egypt, focuses on the stories of Alexandria and Delta.

“Documentary photography often sheds light on the narratives calling for help, telling them the way they need to be told,” Abou Leila says. “But that’s not all. It also delves into the more joyous aspects of culture, spotlighting celebrations and connections.”

To participate in the exhibition, photographers must tell a powerful story through both photo/video and written word, and submit it through Photopia’s official form, which can be found through their social media.


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