Sunday March 3rd, 2024
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Photopia & Heliopolis Heritage Initiative Host Photography Competition

Photopia and the Heliopolis Heritage Initiative invite photographers to capture and celebrate the cultured neighbourhood.

Cairo Scene

In celebration of Heliopolis’ 118th anniversary, Cairo-based photography school Photopia and the Heliopolis Heritage Initiative (HHI) are celebrating the cultured neighbourhood’s visual narratives with the Heliopolis Heritage Photography Competition. Photopia and HHI announced the open call for the contes, inviting photographers to capture Heliopolis’s distinct architecture and preserve its heritage.

The competition’s ninth edition is open for all ages, all types of photography and every kind of camera. Photographers can submit their images under one of three different themes: ‘Habits of Heliopolis’, ‘Night Stories of Heliopolis’ and ‘Heliopolis Core & Shell’. The themes tackling everyday life, and the contrast between Heliopolis’s past and present.

The winning photographs will be showcased during Heliopolis Anniversary Week from May 18th to May 26th. The competition is open for submissions until May 9th at 7 PM.


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