Monday March 4th, 2024
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The Hottest Shopping Venues at Saudi's Biggest 'Pop-up' Layali Diriyah

Open until March 10th, the space hosts a constantly changing lineup of local designers and boutiques.

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The Hottest Shopping Venues at Saudi's Biggest 'Pop-up' Layali Diriyah

‘Layali Diriyah’ is a ‘pop-up’ like no other. Whilst the temporary nature of a pop-up usually limits scale and diversity, the same cannot be said for this space, sprawling over 45,000 square metres. That’s big. And in all that space, Layali Diriyah is hosting some of the most exciting local brands on a fortnightly rolling calendar.

Visit twice within a month and you’ll find different shopping options each time. With a mix of shopping, food, culture and entertainment, it is perhaps a hint at what much of Riyadh’s outskirts could look like, as the country develops in international eyes, but also continues to flourish internally with respect to local brands and businesses from a wide variety of sectors.

The open-air hub opens after sunset and welcomes visitors all the way until 2 AM, or 3 AM on weekends. For many, it's all the things they love about a shopping experience, but without the physical trappings and restraints of a mall. Out of Riyadh’s busy centre, a mere stones throw from the Al Turaif UNESCO heritage site, the pop-up’s location organically blends into its environment, in a town known as the ancestral birthplace of the Saudi royal family.

Open until March 10th, Layali Diriyah provides a familiar yet fresh experience, amongst palm trees, light displays and radical temporary architecture. Last year’s event drew in over 110,000 visitors; roughly 2,000 every night. The programme of constantly changing local products draws in young people from as far as Qatar and Kuwait, as well as Riyadh of course, and with its local Najdi style design, artisanal vendors, contemporary designers, and independent restaurants and shisha lounges.


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