Thursday July 25th, 2024
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TiKTok Boom at Creative Industry Summit!

Shadi Kandil, General Manager of Global Business Solutions, METAP TikTok, will also be there!

Cairo Scene

TiKTok Boom at Creative Industry Summit!

TikTok, in partnership with MBC’s Media Solutions (MMS), is set to make a splash at this year’s edition of Creative Industry Summit in Cairo’s Capital Business Park with a zone dedicated to empowering the country’s creators

Think two non-stop days of inspiring and insightful workshops, talks by impactful storytellers, interactive activations and maybe best of all the opportunity to pick the creative brains of some of the leaders who keep TikTok's ticking including Shadi Kandil, General Manager, Global Business Solutions, METAP TikTok.

“We couldn’t be more excited that TikTok chose us as a creative platform partner and to connect through the local community of creators through us,” Creative Industry Summit co-founder Mai Salama tells #CairoScene.

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