Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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University Esports Egypt Invites Gamers to Represent Their Schools

With three games available - namely Fortnite, Valorant and League of Legends - University Esports Egypt gives you an opportunity to make your college proud while winning EGP 50,000.

Cairo Scene

There's something about representing your university when you're at the top of your game. You step up on the court or in the field or at the track, and you play ball as hard as you can, because school glory is on the line. Score those goals, run that lap, make your college proud. Now gamers in Egypt have the opportunity to do the same thing.

University Esports Egypt is a new competition that challenges teams of college students to match wits and cross arms, to outclick and outplay, to land those sweet clutch shots and sweep through your enemies with an unexpected pentakill. With three games available - namely Fortnite, Valorant and League of Legends - you'll have the chance to flaunt your skills and show all those other scrubs you're the best.

Not only will the victors put their university on the scoreboard of Egypt's growing esports scene and give themselves a headstart in professional gaming - they'll also get to take home a sweet prize of EGP 50,000. 

Locally organised by GGTech MENA and BME Esports, University Esports is a global initiative that has seen participation from over 1,300 universities and 100,000 students over 15 countries, laying the foundation for greater involvement in international esports competitions. Registration ends on November 8th, so if you want to gather your team (or even sign up as a free agent) you can get started through