Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Waste Management Licensing Transferred to Environment Agency-Abu-Dhabi

The responsibility for waste permits and inspections has been transferred from Tadweer Group to Environment Agency-Abu-Dhabi.

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Waste Management Licensing Transferred to Environment Agency-Abu-Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi government has transferred the responsibility for waste management services and recycling activities from the Tadweer Group (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Co.) to the Environment Agency-Abu-Dhabi (EAD). The EAD will now handle all licensing and permitting services, monitoring and tracking of waste vehicles, setting fees for waste services, conducting inspections, and ensuring compliance with waste management regulations. This move aligns with Tadweer Group’s new mandate and shifts regulatory authority to the EAD to streamline waste management operations in Abu Dhabi.

The EAD will also act as the Sector Regulatory Authority for the waste sector to assure compliance to occupational safety and health management systems. This includes issuing licenses for the Environmental Service Providers (ESPs).

In terms of monitoring and control, the EAD will oversee waste transportation activities through the continuous monitoring of waste routes from their starting to ending points in order to assure the implementation of legal actions against any illegal activities. Further, the EAD will receive and handle customer inquiries and respond to complaints related to waste licensing.

Operational activities for waste management will remain under the jurisdiction of the Tadweer Group. This includes activities such as permits for landfill access and food disposal, as well as NOI for large development projects.


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