Sunday February 25th, 2024
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A SceneEats Guide to Cairo’s Best Feteer Shar’i

The mystic main character of many an Egyptian proverb and known saviour to our munchies, here are 12 spots the fatatry’s legacy lives long.

Layla Raik

A cornerstone of Egyptian culture, the mystic fatatry has long held the first place spot for both being the punchline to nearly every mom joke and the kindest smile on the street your grandma lives on. We’ve grown to learn that the fatatry is so much more than a sickly sweet stereotype; they’re artists, innovators, constant landmarks of an ever-changing culture. Most importantly, they bring worlds of scrumptiousness to the good ol’ π.

Because whoever coined the term ‘sweetie pie’ had probably just gulped down a traditional feteera shar’i, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best 12 spots to get your pie in Cairo.


Branches all over Cairo

Supplying both our midlife and midnight crises, Dina Farms’ designated feteer shar’y spinoff uses the infamous farm’s best samna and keshta in quirky concoctions like adorable feteer rolls and the newfound feteerger.


Branches all over Cairo

Forget the skimpy quattro-formaggis, Samiha’s loaded cheese pie is cheesily beautiful inside out, oozing with the golden goodness of a melted roomi-mozzarella mix and topped with a generous cream cheese layer.


Branches all over Cairo

Rushing through morning errands that never seem to end? Feteera’s box of feteer rolls, which has everything from pastrami to alfredo fungi, is the perfect impromptu restorative stop to keep you going.


Zahraa El Maadi, Cairo

Adjoining the old and the new under a single (yellow) roof in green Maadi, Bumble Pie brings you both a 3ala-adeemo keshta- and honey-drenched pie as well as a smores-resemblant Nutella and marshmallow extravaganza.


Branches all over Cairo

Notorious connoisseurs of Egyptian cuisine done right, Desoky & Soda’s feteer selection is a feat for sore eyes and a feast for sore hearts, devoured in regular feteer or more bite-sized feteer rolls.


Branches all over Cairo

Crafting pies for the great and the royal, Majesty’s Memakhmakha pie is the type of meal you indulge in on particularly existential nights and pre-deadline get-togethers.


Branches all over Cairo

Despite the slightly misleading name, Shaltata’s expertise does not end at their meshaltet cousins, but also extends magnificently in feteer shar’i, from crispy chicken concoctions to keshta and strawberry covered delicacies that make you drool.


Al-Azhar Square, Islamic Cairo

With over 100 years of experience in the field, Fatatry El Hussein is the classic we can’t stop coming back to. It’s not just the years of heritage and nostalgia lining the Ramadan-pattern-clad tables, it’s the specially crafted keshta and cheese that just keeps pulling.


Branches in Al-Manyal, Giza, Heliopolis

Simultaneous cravings of both savoury and sweet pies are not by any means a new phenomenon, which is why Amir El Domiaty, after 70+ years of experience, combined the two ends on a single platter. Who thought a bite of sujuk & a bite of sugar would work?


Steigenberger Promenade, Hurghada

Bringing a gourmet edge to oriental dining (and breakfasting) in the seaside city of Hurghada, Namliyeh’s meticulously built pies come in both single-serving and shareable sizes to satisfy all kinds of pie-related yearning.


Branches all over Cairo

The spirit of the creamiest of authentic countryside feteer is held eternal in Baladina’s sweet feteer selection. Tasteful yet light, even Baladina’s konafa & basbousa pie is a stomachable feast.


Capital Promenade, Zayed

Famed for the fine twists they put on traditional Egyptian street food, it’s no wonder Shawlaki’s feteer, sweet and savoury, is as elusive and palatable as their long-loved desserts.


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